Waiting reveal the owner received a threat of physical liquidation of one of the Ministry of Interior officers

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01/30/2016 67 visit

Revealed civil activist waiting for the owner, Saturday , all received a direct threat from a senior Interior Ministry officers, charged with the responsibility of the Minister of Interior what is happening to them. Malik said in a press statement child "Iraq law", it had received a direct threat by the officer in the Interior Ministry brigadier, while confirming the latter threatened to exploit his position to fabricate issues and the issuance of an arrest warrant and prevented from traveling, she noted that hinted at the possibility of resorting to liquidating physically If you do not distancing itself from squares to demonstrate. She said the owner, I, as the author of these threats before the eyes of the Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, Fanny at the same time I carry the full responsibility for any targeting me process, stressing not retreat from the line they went in the way of demanding the rights of the Iraqi people through the yards demonstrations in the capital Baghdad and other provinces . It is said many civilians activists have been subjected to arrests and received threats of physical liquidation, as delivered by unknown earlier in 2015, a hand grenade inside the house of one of the activists in the province of Basra, the unknown group of armed men in the same night, broke into the home of another activist in the same province.