$ 2.8 billion cost of importing oil derivatives in 2016
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Thread: $ 2.8 billion cost of importing oil derivatives in 2016

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    $ 2.8 billion cost of importing oil derivatives in 2016

    $ 2.8 billion cost of importing oil derivatives in 2016

    3001 2016
    He revealed a member of the parliamentary committee for economy and investment in Iraq, Nora Albjara, that the current year's budget «authorized the Ministry of Oil to secure the amount of 4.5 million tons of petroleum products for domestic consumption this year, valued at $ 2.8 billion». And objected to the appeal made by the government on some of the provisions of the budget, including the removal of subsidies on government vehicles, which cost the state treasury half the amount mentioned.

    Albjara said, that «the government filed an appeal to the Federal Court about some provisions of the budget added by the House of Representatives», describing its move to «overcome the powers of the Legislative Council and the confiscation of his role».

    The Council of Ministers decided last week to appeal all the materials added to the budget, including the abolition of paragraph identifying private cars Balriasat three to five cars, and reduce capital requirements and deductions 3 percent of government salaries and give them popular for the crowd, as well as requiring the employee cars and expenses for fuel maintenance costs .

    The government challenged paragraph reducing grades for managers of the three presidencies offices of the Minister to the general manager, in addition to the abolition of the role of the House of Representatives to discuss the external financial borrowing and review before granting approval from the Council of Ministers.

    She drew Albjara, that «the oil ministry has been unable to fill the total need of petroleum products since 2004, and even today, to disable the activation of the investment law in the small and medium-sized oil refineries, in the process of expansion at a very slow government refineries, offset by a runaway rise in demand for products as a result of the increasing number of vehicles and population growth ».

    And the loss of Iraq, a member of «OPEC», about half of public revenue after oil prices tumbled by 50 percent since June 2014 offset the decline in revenue compulsory expansion in spending on the war in the northern and central part, with gangs «Daash» terrorist.

    And Albjara made clear that it «personally added a paragraph relating to the transfer of government vehicles expenses to its users, with the exception of military and special vehicles degrees, because this paragraph costing the treasury huge amounts of money annually, as opposed to the futility of the use of fleets of vehicles allocated only to employees moving out and some of them used for personal purposes» .
    And the Government has already approved a package of reforms addressed the cut officials' salaries and many paragraphs relate to spending which I found unnecessary, except for those of war. But these reforms did not help the government get out of the most severe financial crisis, prompting some lawmakers to open files «forgotten» cost the Treasury a lot, including officials of vehicles that exceeded $ 130 million annually expenses ».
    A member of the parliamentary committee for money, Massoud Rostam, in an earlier statement, said that «the majority of cars officials in the state expenses exceed their salaries, so you should pay attention to this item which costs the public treasury 150 billion dinars a year ($ 130 million)».
    He said that Rustam «voter deductions by about three presidencies and special grades and the Council of Ministers and the salaries of deputies, is not equivalent to cars expenses of state officials two years managers and advisers and deputy ministers». He pointed out that «some general managers seven cars, while the number of government vehicles operating in the service of the state officials in more than 60 thousand SUV.»
    A survey prepared by the Central Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology, the total number of cars of the private sector in Iraq until the end of 2012, amounted to 3.9 million car any 115 cars per thousand people of the population, and 65 vehicles per kilometer of road ».
    Iraq sought to stop the import of oil derivatives or cut their rates gradually down to a full stop, and according to the statement issued by Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, pointing out that «Iraq does not import fuel oil, but issued in excess of domestic consumption, as the aging refineries produce quantities of it more than normal rates. » He pointed out that «the Ministry of Oil will stop soon for liquid gas import after the rise in our production to between 3,500 and four thousand tons per day».

    Mahdi pointed out that «consumption close to the rates of those for production, we will not stop all imports until reassurance to the stability of production more and escalation, in order to prevent crises of emergency, note that the import rate until the end of the first week of this month, amounted to 202 tons per day».

    The Minister of Oil that «Oil fuel production approaching 12 thousand cubic meters, and the consumption rate ranges between 13 and 15 thousand cubic meters per day, and the ministry still imports the difference.»

    And declared that «the Ministry of gasoline production ranges between 8 thousand cubic meters per day and 9 thousand, while the consumption of 15 thousand. So we are forced to import about five thousand cubic meters per day in accordance with the requirements of the market. »

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