Iraqi Airways to open new plants in Tunisia and Russia

Friday January 29 2016 16:48

Seventy-year-old national carrier in constant trips that must be, during which most of the world, Iraqi Airways recalls her career achievements of the bus during a ceremony set up in Baghdad.
In this context, Bayan Jabr, the Minister of Transport said: "In the seventieth anniversary of the founding Airlines, congratulate ourselves and the board of directors and general manager and all employees on this occasion and we wish more of sparkle of the bird green". Airlines reveal the talks for the return of Iraqi aircraft to Europe Zubaidi: Transportation in the process of comprehensive development of the reality of Iraqi Airways
He said Ahmed Karim al-Moussawi, the Deputy Minister of Transport, "We aspire to convey more number of travelers to many countries of the world, as well as opening lines of European and Middle Asia, China and most of the lines available."
What fronted Iraqi Airways of crises in recent times, it seems that the solutions reached advanced stages, especially after they meet most of the air safety conditions.
He says Osama al-Sadr, director of Iraqi Airways: "Asmonh committees within the Regulations to MEET safety conditions atmosphere of the European Union Ahnh Edna lines to Europe did not stop planes chartered as the lines and Dnaml to end this file Weah committee of the EU almost 98% of the requests we sent the completed claimed becomes a meeting and Ahnh sustained. "
Ministry of Transport and confirm that the number of aircraft owned by the Iraqi Airways was thirty-two aircraft, pointing out that there are new stations will be opened with a number of countries, including Russia and Tunisia.