The effectiveness of the "tariff law" in controlling the border crossings .. refutes rumors as "ineffective"

01/29/2016 12:53

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: A source in the prime minister, in the clarification received to "obelisk" There informational statements are based on inaccurate information about the tariff.

He added that for the sake of accuracy, and a correction to these statements, which embarked on the competent authorities to apply recently, after directing the Prime Minister to postpone more than once to ensure the application of fair and sound on all Iraqi border crossings, there are explanations and facts to be announced and delivered to the public:

1. The activation of the tariff law was based on the provisions of the budget law of the Republic of Iraq.

2. The Council of Ministers Resolution No. 413 came to ensure balanced application in customs procedures, regardless of the port that are given him goods According to the method of post-audit, this decision has included the formation of points scrutiny customs in places outside the border crossing points and in the governor sites on ways to flow and the movement of imported goods As of ports through to marketing places and take these points checking and making sure that they satisfy the tariff specified by law and take the necessary fulfillment of those tariff procedures when non-payment or meet the remaining ones when you are not paid in full at border crossing points and accompanied by the application of legal sanctions whenever the payment is not the correct result irregularities or misrepresentation or other and in accordance with the provisions in force Customs Act and that these customs points added primary duty which is the uniform application between ports ensure, also will contribute to the improvement of performance within the ports as a deterrent because the offender will put in his calculations the possibility of the discovery of violating by these points putting him accountable legal.

3. The Council of Ministers Resolution No. 413 offers the possibility of screening and verification of specifications through the presence of standardization teams and quality control which will be present in the arena of customs areas that are conducting trucks offense to it to complete the customs procedures so that these points will contribute to the reduction of dumping goods shoddy This will provide protection the largest consumer in addition to providing the largest share of the national product in our local markets and improve its competitiveness.

4. Within a few days of the application of the latest Cabinet decision actually proved how effective it has been seized dozens of trucks coming down towards Baghdad and emerging it is now under complete customs procedures in the backyards of the Directorate of Customs and Central region, an achievement that demonstrates the success of the government's determination to activate the tariff.

5. The number of incoming shipments from the southern ports have seen a marked increase after the application of the customs points decision is expected to double shipments falling to three-fold in the coming period.

6. This procedure ensures and maximize financial resources and encourages the national industry and protects it as it is applied in every Iraqi border crossing points and can not be circumvented as the introduction of the customs points in places outside the border port and road link between the provinces prevents interpolation illegal and contrary to the customs tariff.

7. The prosecution down the financial resources because of the work tariff new and not applied in all Iraqi ports, inaccurate and based on misleading information as the difference between the fee reconstruction, which was applied and the tariff rates will lead logically to increase revenue even in the case of the stability of the volume of imports.