Finance addresses eight ministries to lift its departments in the provinces under the law of 21 link

Author: HH, IM
Editor: BK, HH

2016/01/28 18:12

Long-Presse / Babylon
It revealed the province of Babylon management, on Thursday, for a book from the Ministry of Finance, to call eight ministries included the transfer of powers to local governments to speed up unzip its departments in the provinces to enable the redeployment of allocations, according to the contents of year's budget law in 2016 and the law of provincial councils No. 21, while promised that the subject has become a "fact The fact can not be delayed. "

He said the first deputy governor of Babylon and Sam Aslan Jubouri said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The transfer of the powers of the eight ministries to local governments has become a reality that can not be delayed," attributing it to "the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari issued a book to those ministries demanding quickly supply The ministry orders decoding link its departments in the governorates according to the provisions of Article 33 of the federal budget for the current 2016 law. "

He said al-Jubouri, that "Article 33 of Guenon budget authorizes the Minister of Finance the power to transfer the financial allocations for the departments that will disengage from the specific to the eight ministries and local governments under the law of 21 average for provincial councils is associated with the province."

Jubouri said the "Book of the Minister of Finance of Eight ministries concerned demanding the preparation of detailed tables for the expenses of each department will disengage from them to enable the Ministry of Transfer of funds needed and add them to the accounting department and the budget that will develop within the province, as well as the transfer of employees of those departments to the provinces."

And got (range Press), a book on the Ministry of Finance, No. 4583, dated (January 13 of the current 2016), which bears the signature of the Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

The House of Representatives passed the previous edition the transfer of the powers of a number of ministries to local governments, according to the provisions of Article 45 of the second amendment of the law's 21 governorates not organized province, was the inclusion of eight ministries, the Education, Health, Agriculture, Displacement and Migration, Construction and Housing, Youth and Sports, Municipalities and Public Works, Labour and Social Affairs.