General Electric is the ability of Iraq to the highest power in the world

Friday 29-01-2016 | 11:54:13

Twilight News / announced that the US embassy in Baghdad, on Friday, that the signing of a project to increase electricity with the company "General Electric" plan, not just for maintenance, but includes Iraq D highest ability to generate electricity available in all parts of the world."

The embassy said in a statement that "the signing of a project to increase the electric power plan in the Babylon Hotel between the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and energy company of American giant General Electric, will not only sustain and increase power in Iraq by about 700 MW in the peak period in the summer only," asserting that "the project includes Iraq also get a higher ability to generate electricity available in all parts of the world. "

For his part, praised the US ambassador in Baghdad, Stuart Jones, according to the statement, "the efforts of the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi the realization of this project," explaining that "the project which is estimated to be worth more than $ 328 million is a clear example of the close cooperation between Iraq and the United States to support the efforts Prime Minister in providing better services to the Iraqi people. "

And the Ministry of Electricity announced recently that it will sign a maintenance contract with the American company "General Electric" a $ 328 million, noting that the contract will provide the necessary equipment and maintenance of the ten power plants in the country.