Abadi armed with numbers of Transparency International in the fight against political opponents

2016-01-29 04:00:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

He took advantage of the current Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Transparency International report which included Iraq among the most corrupt in the world in 2015. The ten countries to strike so his political opponents, especially those who were in the era of the former Iraqi government led by Nuri al-Maliki.

Hurried Abadi acknowledging response in the organization's report at a time when the Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani announced last week that he «Bh his voice» for the frequency called on the fight against the corrupt without interest for occupies Iraq ranked 161 in the tail consisting of 167 countries the list, ahead of Libya, Angola and southern Sudan and Sudan, North Korea and Somalia, who finished bottom of the list ».

The media spokesman of the Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi in a statement that «Apart from the Transparency International report, there is the problem of corruption in Iraq, and this is undeniable evidence that the reforms announced by the Prime Minister in August campaign (August) the past allocated hub to fight corruption ». He stressed that «corruption a big problem in Iraq has penetration in many of the state institutions, which accumulated for many years with the absence of serious oversight, as well as the absence of efforts to account for performance monitoring and control of funds and its transition and then exchange mechanisms, and the result was the conclusion reached by Iraq, which is going through a financial hardship».

Sabri pointed out that «the current government, and since the announcement of the reforms are ongoing efforts and follow-up of these files and seeks to detect them and stop corruption and the closure of ports, which was carried out during which the state institutions». He explained that «there are many measures to fight corruption in the forefront shorten and simplify the mechanisms promoting citizens and economic transactions and investment issues in which the routine loops redundant and cause the outlet of corruption pays the price the citizen and the impact on the economy and stimulate investment in Iraq Transactions».

Turn Raed Fahmi, General Coordinator of the Democratic Movement in Iraq, which adopts the mass demonstrations that began in August 2015, he told the «Middle East» that «this is not a surprise because of corruption indicators in Iraq after 2003 remained confirmed record high altitudes year after year Because of the failure to take effective measures of previous governments in terms of the fight against corruption and the development of appropriate mechanisms to eliminate it, which made it take so rampant talk about being not just corrupt but also for whales corruption. »

Fahmi added that «the demonstrations that began in Iraq since last summer and still ongoing is not just a protest against the phenomena of false and practices as they are want to put a sound base for the reform of the crystallization of a new political alignment transient ethnic and sectarian quotas process, which has demanded since the beginning especially, we believe that there are new forces emerged so the real reforms must be based on a real base and a road map and not merely the process of absorption of the mass anger that has proven that it represents a new mobility and not just a gift could end. »

Fahmi pointed out that «the ball in the court of the government where it should not load the demonstrators more goals than energy demonstrators or work on the breach of the demonstrations through the creation of a civil conflict - religious because this is not at hand, but arises as to reform and the fight against corruption, which is a major scourge that require real deal and not just slogans or the nature of the austerity measures. » For his part, economist Majid picture in a statement to the «Middle East» that «the reform to succeed it must be targeted and well-defined, but through our follow-up the progress of reforms launched by the government since the middle of last year and even today that are still actually need to answer Next question is designed to reduce costs or to economic development »pointing out that« everything related to the reduction of salaries and achieve the principle of justice does not negate the existence of corruption as the reduction leads to saving money because of rising higher grades owners pay rates but this does not enter alone in the door the fight against corruption, which needs to be further action citizen has not touched enough yet, which makes Iraq remain in the ranks of advanced countries at the level where there is no transparency and do a lot of corruption from the perspective of international organizations. »