Traders alienated from the port Safwan effect of applying the new tariffs
January 29, 2016 7:47

Safwan border port

Port Safwan saw the link between Iraq and Kuwait from the western border of the province of Basra, a big drop in Mdjulath effect of applying the new customs tariff.

He said the mayor of Zubair in charge of student Alhsonh in a press statement I followed news agency Buratha that "imports of Safwan port fell to three million dinars per day after it was recorded rate of up to 600 million dinars a day before the new customs tariffs become effective," referring to "The new tax procedure to make traders poring over the decision to go to the northern ports in the Kurdistan region because it is the only one that did not take the new tariff is working."

He Alhsonh that "aversion traders from the port Safwan boosted the unemployment situation in the local community, along with the accumulation of goods between the perpetrators of Safwan and the State of Kuwait, which threatens to goods damaged, especially with the powers nearby food, as well as large financial losses that threaten the country's economy."