Obeidi calling for the exploitation of victory in the elimination of al-Anbar Daash

Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi discussed Tuesday with Chief of Army Staff and senior Ministry of Defence and armed forces commanders in Baghdad, the military and security situation in all sectors of operations against the organization of the Islamic state Daash.
Obeidi stressed the need to continue in the battle and the exploitation of high morale enjoyed by the military sectors that have achieved victory Anbar and the collapse of the investment regulation to pounce upon its supplies cut off all roads.

And presided over the Iraqi Chief of Staff Othman Ghanimi Tuesday an expanded meeting included weapons in the armed forces leaders to discuss ways to develop the diversity of sources of arms.

Ghanimi and stressed the importance of investment opportunity to train military units and to benefit from the experience of the international coalition forces in this area.

He met with Iraqi Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Hamid al-Mutlaq, and discussed the overall developments in the security landscape and operations fronts in the fight against Daash.

Ghabban called to support troops fighting terrorism from the society and the Iraqi parliament. Mutlaq and praised the efforts of security forces in the "fight against terrorism and crime gangs that threaten the security of the Iraqi citizen."