Iraq: about 12 heads of state will participate in the upcoming summit Baghdad end of the month
11/03/2012 12:16

Baghdad, March 11 (Rn) - The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal, Sunday, that the heads of some 12 Arab countries will participate in the meeting of the Arab summit, noting that all States were invited to the summit confirmed the presence of and does not have apologized for the audience.

U.S. Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry, however, Abawi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "all Arab countries told us to proceed there will be no absence of any country," adding that "all States that have sent her invitations will attend." said Abawi said "preliminary information indicates that most countries Stthml by the presidents and leaders of these countries and the number is now more than 12 countries and may be increased in the coming days, including the Gulf states. " and added that "the Emir of Kuwait, told us officially his presence to the top of Baghdad." and the total amounts spent on the summit said Abbawi that "the amount allocated to us more than 500 billion dinars, and we are working rim of the amount allocated and there is no additional claims. " is scheduled to hold the Arab summit in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on the 29th of March is scheduled to be preceded by two days meeting of the Ministers of Economy Arabs and one day meeting of Arab foreign ministers. The contract Arab summit amid continuing tension conditions in the Arab region and the varying positions of States thereon, and the preoccupation of several Arab countries, their situation of the Interior, as it is the first summit after the events of the so-called Arab spring.