War: "free the Prime Minister to dismiss the minister sees lagging behind the reformist"

Date: Thursday 01.28.2016 6:53

Follow-up / Iraq today
Noted legal expert, Tariq Harb, that since the Prime Minister up his mind to replace a number of ministers, who have been a year and a half without a constitutional creativity amounts to aspire to the Prime Minister in providing better services to citizens and in achieving higher Reform degrees required in the circumstances through by Iraq security, economically and politically,

We would like to point out in this regard: "The dismissal of the minister the authority vested in the Prime Minister under Article 78 of the Constitution that article delegated authority to the cabinet management, and the validity of the dismissal of cabinet ministers in the absence of these ministers initiative to submit their resignations to the prime minister to survive the sword of dismissal granted by the Constitution to the prime minister, "noted war to the possibility of a parliamentary vote on the move, but only once, as confirmed by saying:"

The parliament can vote once on the approval of the dismissal of the minister, and the appointment of a new minister a suit and be approved by parliament on the dismissal and appointment by a majority members present in accordance with the provisions of Article 76 and Article 78 of the Constitution, does not require a majority of the members of the House of Representatives, which does not require the approval of 165 members, as this number represents a majority of the members of parliament present of promised 328 members, but are parliamentary approval vote 91 members, as the number of deputies present 180 deputies, for example, the adoption of the majority of the audience, an easy issue and easy in terms of the collection of a few of Representatives that number to approve the dismissal and appointment Since these actions taken by the Prime Minister to dismiss and appoint is the aspect of the reform campaign, initiated by the Prime Minister before almost five months,

"adds war" The reform process has seen many dismissals such as abolishing the position of the three vice-president of the republic and the abolition of the post of Vice-Presidents of the three ministers, those who represent the leaders of political blocs represented in parliament and who have been recruited on the basis of political and sectarian quotas, therefore, this blocs will not stand in front of the Prime Minister procedures, so demanding quota system in the appointment and dismissal, and the prime minister free to dismiss any minister sees lagging behind the reform, and the appointment of any Minister irrespective of the consent of the political blocs and Mhassathm. "