Parliamentary legal reveal coverage detainees and convicts in terrorism crimes amnesty law!!!

The parliamentary legal Committee member revealed Zana said Saturday that a draft amnesty law contained the reinvestigation and prosecution of accused and convicted persons by the crimes of "terrorism", referring to the vote on the Bill is left to political blocs inside the House. Said in a press release "law" Iraq, "parliamentary legal Committee discussed over the past few days a draft amnesty law, including problems with the exception of insured terrorism within the law", adding that "after consultation with the organizations and judges, we report that includes restoration of the investigation and trial of the accused and convicted of terrorism Act". Happy, said that "the solution to this problem comes in the framework of the implementation of the requirement of NII, which insists on the inclusion of detainees and convicted of terrorist offences in the law on general amnesty, claiming that many of the evacuees, anti-terrorism law had been convicted because of confessions under duress or through detective and others." He continued, "that the Bill be tabled for debate during the second reading, and the vote is up to the political blocs inside the House." The judiciary confirmed Tuesday (6 January 2016) that the House is responsible for the adoption of the amnesty law, as she has no role in law. He was speaker of the House of Salim al-Jabouri, Tuesday (17 November 2015) that House close to enactment of the amnesty law. The parliamentary legal Committee, Thursday (November 19, 2015), more than 14 except in the draft amnesty law, noting that there was the political will to enact the law.