The government is considering the sale of 600 thousand Akar..sud budget deficit
13:29 28/1/2016
Iraq is considering proposals for the sale of 600 thousand real estate, including more than a thousand palaces of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, to provide revenue to help fill the budget deficit, in light of the great and the continued decline in oil prices.

The sources quoted Thursday by deputies in the Parliament's Finance Committee, that the government could get 150 billion dollars from the sale of these properties.

The influence of owners

A member of the committee MP Masood Haider, said that the government "put up for sale mechanisms manner that does not allow for parties, personalities influential, the acquisition of such property pittance, and that an inventory of these properties, and evaluated before being sold at auction."

Said committee member MP Majda al-Tamimi, said the government claim "to issue lists the number of real estate, and the nature of some of the persons who occupy the rent."