Wasit proceed with the establishment of a new border port with Iran

1/28/2016 0:00

Walcott Hassan Shahid al-Azzawi

Wasit province embarked on the establishment of a new border port with Iran in order to maximize financial returns and decryption momentum in Zurbatiyah port.

This comes at a time of Wasit University did the terms of a memorandum of scientific understanding, signed earlier with the Iranian Ilam University. First Deputy Governor of Wasit just Hamidi, said «morning» that the government began construction work Shihabi border port link between hand, Sheikh Saad, south of Kut, and the province of Ilam Iran, noting that the new port will be supportive and Sanda port Zurbatiyah border in the east of the province. He added that the new port will be closest to the cities of Karbala and Najaf, holy cities, which will contribute in finding financial sources are added to the treasury of the province.

He said the port which is expected to open in the next few days will be ready to receive two thousand people a day and about two million visitors during religious occasions, which is to be equipped with reception halls and cabins for the issuance of visas and all other supplies in place at border crossing points.

Hamidi He pointed out that the port is located within the dehloran Iranian city will be allocated for trade and travelers between the two countries, which will contribute to the creation of employment opportunities and access to new financial returns, and the recovery of economic reality, as well as it will prevent the repetition of the chaos that occurred during the visit of the death of Imam Hussein (AS Peace) last season.

He said the next few days will witness the opening of two offices coordination meetings subscribers first in Wasit, and the other in Ilam Iranian province to facilitate commercial traffic between the two governments LAN's and overcome the obstacles that can stand in the way of trade process, especially as the State of Iran is witnessing an economic recovery after the lifting of sanctions against it.

As part of cooperation between the two provinces as well, Wasit University announced the activation of the terms of a memorandum of scientific understanding, signed earlier with Eelam University in Iran.

Assistant Rector Dr. Hashim Ali pleased told «morning»: that a delegation from the Iranian Ilam University, headed by Dr. Mohammed Ali Akbar visited the university and met with its president, Dr. Abdul Razzaq al-Nasiri, noting that the delegation came to give effect to the terms of the memorandum of understanding scientific and research cooperation concluded by the Iranian university in earlier.

He explained that the memorandum provides for the exchange of scientific and academic expertise energies and to send professors to study master's and doctoral and supervision of joint research between the two universities and a competition to choose the best scientific research.

He is pleased to note also provides for the possibility of using laboratory devices in Ilam University that are not available in Wasit University graduate students in the College of Engineering, and create the conditions for a joint engineering conference is arranged in the coming days, according to the possibilities.

The memorandum also includes the exchange of engineering expertise, particularly in the field of mechanical engineering and nanotechnology engineering, civil engineering and joint cooperation on the possibility of opening a textile department in the Faculty of Engineering of Kut after seeing the cotton textile factory in collaboration with the University of Eelam (LTTE) and its expertise in this area.

He also noted that Wasit University has concluded a series of bilateral cooperation agreements between them and between their counterparts from universities in the world, stressing that these agreements are beginning to common and broad prospects for scientific cooperation between these universities.