Interior Minister recommends the need to avoid any hindrance to national ID card project
11:15, January 27, 2016

Baghdad security opinion

Chaired by Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban meeting of the Higher Committee of the unified card, which included sexual director and a number of concerned parties and chock of the project, recommending the need to avoid any impediment to the draft national card.
According to a statement of the ministry received (Opinion International) a copy of "The meeting during which they review what has been achieved from the decisions of the previous meeting, what has been accomplished from the stages of the work and the obstacles that hinder the work of the project, so I would recommend the interior minister the need to avoid any disabled through work and activating some decisions including in line with the work environment. "
"The meeting discussed the continuity of activating the electronic services and the distribution of cadres on the sections of the project according to the actual need, as identified next month as the date to hold a quarterly conference of the directors and managers of the nationality of the provincial Civil Status Affairs to discuss the mechanism of action."
And "During the meeting also recommended the continuity of meetings with the relevant authorities in the rest of the state institutions in order to work on the education card Aloutinh"