Alabegi: Iraq began to back his leadership role in the region

2016/1/27 8:39
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed the MP for the Civic Democratic Alliance Sunrise Alabegi, on Wednesday, Iraq began to restore its leading role and leadership in the Arab and Islamic region.

She Alabegi told {Euphrates News} Today, that "Iraq has acquired a conference of the Union of Islamic Parliaments at home to support his attitude toward the terrorist practices, in addition to re-Iraq leadership role in the Arab and Islamic region."

"We wish that we proceed with these countries to the prospects of wider cooperation through the development of programs and plans in the field of development and advancement of Balmojtmaat and human rights issues," indicating that "all these things need to Iraq to be an active part in this program, and follow-up work to be interest at the long term".

Concluded last Sunday in Baghdad parliaments of the Islamic Conference sessions {11 session of the Conference of the Federation Council Member States OIC}, after it was announced the final statement, which included 15 points .anthy 1