The price of OPEC crudes {} rises to $ 25.58 a barrel
2016/1/26 17:02

{State: Euphrates News} The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries {OPEC} that "the price of a basket of 13 crudes arrived on Monday to $ 25.58 per barrel, compared to last Friday's price, which reached 25.50 dollars a barrel."
Includes basket of crudes {OPEC} new, which is a reference in the level of output policy 13 species are ores .. Iran's heavy, and Murban UAE, mix the Algerian Sahara, light and Basra, Iraqi, Kuwaiti and export, and Libyan Seder, and Bonny Light of Nigeria, the country and the sea, and the Arab Saudi light, and Venezuelan Mireille, and the Angolan Girassol and Ecuadorian Oriente, Minas Indonesia. Ended h