State task in the Arab equation but Saudi opinion: Iraq away from the crowd and his militia
1/26/2016 0 Comments

Shafaq News / The newspaper "Al-Riyadh" Saudi Arabia, that Iraq is an important country in the Arab equation, criticized in the popular crowd, which cause other than with the new ambassador and some Iraqi political factions.
The newspaper said "in the midst of the battle against (Daash) in Iraq; worthy of us take caution that this goal exploits the project and required, to implement mildly acts she re-clone of extremism and hatred in the hearts of Iraqi Sunnis, who are exposed to blood in the campaigns the war on (Daash), which is targeted at the beginning, to come (the popular crowd) and his militia also targeted. "
She added, "Riyadh" Saudi Arabia, in an editorial today, that in the context of the recent war in Ramadi, and achieved a breakthrough with the help of an American actor, it is worth the Iraqi government to maintain this progress and do not waste it.
The newspaper "yesterday summoned the Saudi ambassador in Iraq Thamer Sabhan the Iraqi foreign minister, who has just presented his credentials Ambassador of the Kingdom as the first after a long break," pointing out that the justification call was because of criticism of the face towards the "militia crowd" that was criticized by even some clerics Shiites.
The "Riyadh", that the Kingdom is aware that the weapons outside the state can not build nations, and this is what is happening in Lebanon and Yemen, and the UK do not want a country like Iraq to solve them what happened in Syria, governed by those groups and controls on its territory, because Iraq is an important country in the Arab equation.
She said the Saudi newspaper, that, regardless of the ambassador's remarks Sabhan, the presence of these militias Iranian political and attendance, can not be unmistakable eye, stressing the need to bear arms, however, the Iraqi state.