Interior decides to have 2016 years to adjust and order

Twilight News / Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday that it had taken a decision to that this year will be in control and system in the work of its departments.
According to a statement issued by the Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban office, that the ministry opinion Commission met under the chairmanship of Ghabban and the presence of all its members decided to consider the current 2016-year-old system of control and in various aspects of the work of the Interior Ministry.
The statement added that the body control and the system adopted as a basic recipe and inherent to the officers and employees of the Ministry of Interior that includes military control and obey orders and respect the different ranks and designations of employees of the ministry and the system and adjust the military Alkievh of a man the police, which reflect the prestige of the security establishment, which generates a positive impression among citizens the prestige of the state employs and respect for the law.
The statement pointed out that he considered the sanctification of the official working hours and a commitment to absolute where one of the most important control and system attributes in the military and not to waste allocated for work in other preoccupations leads to stop the wheel provide security and service and administrative work in the ministry and dereliction of citizens' service time, a goal sought by the Ministry of Interior.
The statement continued that all aspects of the setting and the system approved by the body of opinion for this year respect the rights of citizens and non-absolute overtaking it comes is something very important and necessary, but is considered a fixed context for the work of the ministry because in the case of gain citizen, the security will be achieved there is no security without cooperation of citizens and the cooperation of the citizen comes confidence in the security of the institution and respected her.