Member economy parliamentary rule out the arrival of Iraq's financial disaster and emphasizes the possibility of providing salaries "virtually"

2016-01-26 19:32:10 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Excluded member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib, Tuesday, the arrival of Iraq to the size of "financial disaster" in the current year, as can be shown that the provision of employees' salaries and social protection "effectively."

She said Najib in an interview with Alsumaria News's, said that "there are expectations that oil prices up after the middle of this year to 50 or $ 60 as they were last year," emphasizing that "the international community must come together with Iraq, especially on the issue of oil prices."

She said Najib, that "there are measures to address the financial crisis, including the sale of property the state-owned in most Iraqi cities and have great values," pointing out that "those responsible for the Real Estate State file indicated that he could return property to the state funds estimated at $ 10 billion a month." .

And he showed a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, that "Iraq needs a month to more than $ 7 billion in order to pay salaries and social protection network and the obligations of the war," pointing out that "the state can provide the employees' salaries, social protection and effectively covered during the current year, while the issue of appointments will not have no chance. "

Najib has ruled that "the country up to the scale of the disaster in the current year," adding that "the country has the financial and economic capacities of mankind if used wisely and Rosetta will emerge from the crisis".

And the impact of lower oil prices on the public budget for Iraq dramatically, which led some state officials to refer not to the government's ability to give the employees' salaries during the current year.