Iraq signs maintenance contract with "General Electric" worth $ 328 million

Tuesday January 26 2016 08:51

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Electricity Ministry announced Tuesday that it signed a contract with maintenance Sharma "GE" a $ 328 million US, noting that the contract will provide the necessary equipment and maintenance of the ten power plants in the country.
A spokesman for the ministry Musab teacher in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The ministry will sign, on Tuesday, a maintenance contract with General Electric Company (GE), worth about $ 328 million," noting that "General Electric will provide the necessary equipment and maintenance for ten power plants in the country. "
The teacher added that "The ministry will spend dues General Electric Company on deferred payments within three years starting from 2017 due to the reduction of the ministry's budget for the current year by more than half to 1.185 trillion Iraqi dinars (US $ billion)," adding that "The ministry asked the government to increase budget their own investment in 2016 because of the country's electricity grid could collapse as a result of the current austerity measures. "
The teacher explained that "according to the terms of the contract will end General Electric Company of the supply of equipment for power stations and maintenance by the beginning of July," noting that "one of the power stations, which will include the maintenance, according to the contract are Najibiyah stations Shatt al Basra, Najaf and stations Baghdad carbonated second Jerusalem in Baghdad and good deeds station in Karbala and Diwaniyah. "
Iraq suffers from an acute shortage of energy Alkahrbaih despite being one of the top oil producers in OPEC and find dilapidated power grid difficult to meet the needs of the country that has suffered after years of war, sanctions and neglect.
Iraq expects a budget deficit of nearly 24 trillion dinars this year due to lower oil prices and the cost of organizing the fight against "Daash".