Do trade procedures to control the grain and food prices

Date: Tuesday 01.26.2016 7:16

The Ministry of Commerce announced falling prices of flour in the domestic market after its launch quantities of flour zero at very low compared to the commercial market and in the framework of the many measures to control the grain and food prices in the local market.
Confirmed that Hassan Mohammed Jassim, Director General of Commercial and Financial Control Department of the Ministry of Commerce, added that the Minister of Commerce Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese face of the formation of supervisory teams pursuing food exchange in Baghdad and the provinces and to identify the real causes of the high prices and the need to confront effective action contributing to the drop in prices and help Iraqi families to overcome the difficult financial circumstances Adding that the ministry decided to sell flour bag zero less than 30 000 Iraqi dinars per bag weighing 50 kg to the owners of the bakery and ovens are good qualities in order to compete and create a state of balance with the private sector and control over attempts to rising prices practiced by some greedy aim Sacred earn money and pointed to the existence of committees, inspection commercial market movement in the country pursuing and develop indicators in accordance with the increase and downs through swift measures to control the commercial market and prevent monopoly in the case of rising prices Control