Governor of Maysan province inspects a number of implementing investment projects in the province

Date: Tuesday 01.26.2016 7:17

Architecture / Karim Hussein
Lose the governor of Maysan province Ali Douai necessary number of implemented in the province and approved by the Investment Commission of investment projects for the feat achieved ratios and stand on the obstacles that hinder the progress of work to complete the projects on time.
The governor said (Iraq's day) read the final stages of the surgical hospital specialist investment which supply him one of sober-invested enterprises in the medical field to run it and provide it with modern Balajھzh required medical staff after it has been implemented and completed by the province of Maysan and Note Completing 7 showrooms operations room radiology and lobbies lie down and proceed building doctors housing and power station and Althoil.kashifa: the important role of this project which will address patients needy families and the families of the martyrs reducing treatment wages to 50%, and will contribute to the people of the province service and alleviate their suffering in saving time and money on the citizen rather than the fatigue of travel outside the country as well for training and development of students of the Faculty of Medicine at the Misan.amadava University: The tour included inspect the project of establishing a Turkish investment Hotel "five stars" and the completion of all electrical and civil works are being planted gardens Statistics and other works and it is hoped to open in Kadmh.mbana few months: that this The project is headed by the Maysan step towards the completion of construction and ages march taking place in the province and in various sectors and areas in order to improve the rate of economic as well as the city provided job opportunities for the people of the province