Supports privatization of production and availability of services

1/26/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - the joy of pumice
Called a specialist in economic stakeholders regard to the privatization of public sector companies, we contribute to the development of the economy in the country and achieve higher growth rates in GDP through keep up with global technology.

President of the Union of Entrepreneurs willing satisfaction Blibl noted that within the orientations of the private sector that have an important role in shaping economic policy and the transition towards a market economy, what constitutes a concern after the change process, and to support the privatization of public companies thanks to its expertise in business and keep up with its counterpart in Countries of the world.

And it adopted some developing countries privatization policy essential to factors such as funding problems resulting from the achievement of the trade deficit in the balance of payments and public budgets, as it turned out some units of the public sector to the private sector, especially since the (privatization) contains fundamental changes in the curriculum of the political, economic and social state, led to the change in behavior and production units and services.

And between Blibl that privatization must be based on the successful foundations without following the swift measures caused problems in the community, and taking into consideration the surplus labor for projects metamorphic, especially that of the private sector it operates according to the economic feasibility and the extent of the project's success, he says.

With believes that the process of converting public companies to private supports the development of economy in the country where contribute to increasing growth rates in gross domestic product, and keep pace with global technology by potential possessed by the transfer of the experiences of other countries, while stressing the need to develop controls for the transformation process, the most important of the projects or factories for professionals and not sold commercially.

Blibl importance also confirmed the formation of the Commission on the project and taught accurately and integrated, in order to qualify for work, production and development lines and make it in accordance with the approved mechanisms objectively, noting that the methods used in the process of transformation in the countries of the world is done by the economic feasibility of a switch study or privatization, so check boom in GDP, as well as the provision of market needs and employment.