The political side: either $ 47 billion for the gray or withdraw !! Talal Zobaie says al-Maliki in a pan of oil licensing rounds

Dated: 01/25/2016 07:13 Monday

Today Iraq / Baghdad
Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee - Talal Zobaie announced publicly: "The Maliki government signed a licensing rounds, except two ministers only," Zobaie announced in an interview televised: "It did not sign the licensing rounds, they are only two, Baqir al-Zubaidi and Amer Abdul-Jabbar "
And the secret of our interest in the newspaper as was mentioned in the words of Zobaie, show, that the observers in the oil regard, they saw that the previous licensing rounds concluded by the Ministry of oil contracts, cost the country's "huge sums of exaggerated," not equal to their revenues realized, pointing out that "the ministry did not utilized academic expertise at the conclusion of those contracts, with drew to the desert of the western plateau region, containing an estimated 45 billion barrels of "oil reserves, but others Braa .. Some of them oil expert Ahmed Moussa horses, I consider licensing contracts of the most successful oil contracts concluded by the Government Maliki, even though another expert prominent in oil affairs - Fouad Qassem Prince, I consider good, but the Makhzh it, was the lack of storage capacity and additional quantities by the oil companies extracted, as a result of the development work, for example, although Iraq's needs of the current economic, to Atstohl raise production . Leave Zubai, but we remain with the political side, where he called the Alliance of Forces Union amounting to 47 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Anbar province after the military operations that resulted in the liberation of Daash, as opposed to staying in the political process and not to withdraw, and as Chairman of the Board province Alonbar- morning Krhot, Damage to maintain after its occupation by Daash terrorist gangs and military operations carried out by the security forces and the crowd and popular tribesmen for the Liberation of cities by size: "$ 47 billion" - according to preliminary assessments carried out by the competent departments in the Council, "the leaked sources at the meeting was held at the home of the speaker of parliament - Saleem al-Jubouri: "The Union of Iraqi forces, the national coalition, forward and in the presence of Hadi Ameri, a list of demands, in exchange for not withdrawing from the government."