Rafidain Bank in the first of his works to the discussion in 2016

Dated: 01/25/2016 Monday 7:06

Activities within the Rafidain Bank in the development of the Iraqi banking work in the establishment of developmental courses and educational seminars organized a media and marketing research division of banking and in collaboration with the Information Office of the Rafidain Bank seminar entitled (general principles of the concept of banking Marketing)
And erected in public administration building during the period (18_19) of the month of January in the presence of a large number of branches Karkh staff and Rusafa where they were discussing the merits of identifying the concept of banking marketing and the correct ways to the success and development efforts aimed at creating a creative spirit and push strongly to support the banking Marketing form required to ensure the customer streamlined easily necessary pleased banking service and more effective and efficient, and was in the seminar to exchange views and proposals submitted by the participants, including obstacles and problems experienced by some of the sections and the correct ways to solve and study future projects for the success of the banking Marketing In the same context mention our media office Rafidain Bank of Iraq to the press today that the seminar discussion is part of a plan developed by the Adarah Rafidain Bank to set up seminars and courses in 2016 and the current definition of citizens to work in cooperation with the banking and media