The region is intensifying efforts to secure the employees' salaries

2501 2016
It intensified the Kurdistan Regional Government, its efforts to alleviate popular protests, caused by delayed payment of staff salaries.

This comes at a time which began committees formed in the workshop of the government two days before its work to develop proposals that emerged from the under way to achieve a reasonable balance between revenue and expenses, including the liberalization of instruments by the government late five salaries for staff at the disposal end of the financial crisis yet, and the pursuit of the investigation into the salaries of "aliens" and reduce the proportion of grades A'ea.tlk salaries efforts came in the light of the entry of teachers in strike hours, while sought the Prime Minister, through its Union of Kurdistan teachers, to discourage the implementation of the strike, the government employees union warned any prejudice or reduce staff salaries.

In the meantime, security authorities prevented the rally was to be held in the city of Erbil by the organization "Justice campaign" with the security authorities stepped up their presence around the perimeter of the Council of Ministers in Erbil province in anticipation of an explosion of public anger.

In a statement released by the organization he emphasized "that it called for a peaceful rally to protest against the worsening of the financial crisis because of the economic policy, which she described as" failed to Government of the Territory ", as well as a result of the waste of money and corruption quotient and the loss of justice.

The organization has developed several demands in this regard, which confirmed that the responsible for securing the life of the citizens government.

Al Sabaah 2016