Reduction of the salaries of parliamentarians to 2.0004 million dinars

2016-01-25 19:02:02 | (Voice of Iraq) - Roudao - Erbil

It is expected that the parliamentarians' salaries than eight million dinars reduced to 2.0004 million thousand, according to project a reformist, and not be manipulated salaried staff of less than 500 thousand dinars, and to give the Kurdistan Regional Government oil revenues, the details of an international company, so as not to be, however, and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The Kurdistan Regional Government has stepped up its efforts to go beyond the financial crisis, and Nechirvan Barzani said during his recent meeting with academics and experts that "our efforts aimed to prevent the deterioration of the situation from bad to worse," This is the first step for the government to secure the employees' salaries.

He said the cabinet secretary, Amanj Rahim, network Roudao that "the government is doing, especially with regard to salaries, not a reduction, but is collected in loans to the government granted them later."

And it supports the Kurdistan region in 95% of the oil revenues, has raised many questions about the transparency of such proceeds, but the drop in oil prices in world markets led to a decline in importance among the citizens.

In this regard, Rahim said that "international companies will participate in the (audit) of oil revenues details, so that people have made up confidence returns," Msttrda "will be formed Board (team) to work instead of members of the oil and gas revenue fund, and will include representatives from the Ministries of Natural Resources , finance, financial control, and the Council of Ministers. "

The oil revenues fund the establishment of a law passed by the Parliament of Kurdistan, but political problems have prevented the selection of its members, so the team will work even mentioned when established, to know the details of the oil revenues.

And the Kurdistan Region issued 600 thousand barrels of oil per day, and total monthly revenues 500 billion dinars, says Rahim "It will be oil revenue account, and export km pipeline across the tank and how much, and how much to the refinery."

The Kurdistan Region is facing a financial problem for three reasons: First, the Iraqi government not to send Kurdistan's share of the financial budget since February 2014, and the second war against Daash, and the third drop in oil prices from $ 110 to $ 30 per barrel.

The Minister of Natural Resources drastically pledged to the government, said the Finance Committee and the economy in the Kurdistan Parliament member Dilshad Shaaban, who was present for the meeting that "Hawrami said even if oil prices fell more, would we even four months to secure 500 billion dinars per month, but after four months We can not, if oil prices continued to fall. "

Kurdistan Regional Government announced that it can provide salaries through all oil revenues, but it currently stands at 500 billion dinars, currently due to low oil prices, while the need to more than 850 billion to secure salaries, meaning that the government has a deficit of 350 billion dinars.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, the allocation of more than nominal salaries, since the salary of 49%, while the 51% remaining are allocations.

The MP Dilshad Shaaban offers a reformist project of the government, he said that "48% of the ad hoc military side, any of the Peshmerga and Asayish, and 52% dedicated to the civil side of the budget of the Kurdistan Region."

He explained that the proposed best to solve the problem of salaries is "not to reduce the Peshmerga and the salaries of police and Asaish, only with regard to people with positions, and not to manipulate the salaries of staff of less than 500 thousand dinars, that - 70% are saved 20 of extensions over the salaries of 500 thousand dinars as a loan to the government, that's eight million dinars salary becomes Parliamentary 2.0004 million thousand dinars, and this step the government can return 250 billion per month. "

And the government has a new program to solve the problem of aliens and the earners of more than salary, said secretary of the Council of Ministers "mail program may be placed into a receiving salaries fingerprint, then it will detect aliens and earners more than the salary and who are abroad and retired illegally."

The government relies on other revenue is oil, a customs and taxes, an internal revenue of monthly 150 billion dinars, but the Ministry of Finance says that she does not get all of them critically, V60% of which are instruments among citizens, and are disbursed Ksrviac daily government, and in spite of this The government has estimated a deficit of 70 billion dollars a month.

And contributed to the electricity sector to increase the load placed on the shoulders of the government, they are contracting with Ahmad Ismail to secure four thousand megawatts, but Rahim said that "the government is able to transport thousand MW only, but give the four thousand megawatts funds, and this disaster, should be reconsidered in the contract ".

Rahim added that "The project cost the government an annual three billion and $ 400 million, while annual revenues of 250 million only, and give the government 850 million dinars in cash to the owner of the project, and give him Eazawal two billion and 550 million dollars worth."

Rahim and pointed to the reduction in electrical power plants expenses, saying that "drastically said they will believe kerosene stations starting from March next month, and then will fall Alumblyaran and $ 550 million in half."

Kurdistan Regional Government seeks to search for radical solutions on the distribution of electric power and how to receive a revenue mechanism, said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity, Hawker Shali, the electrical energy will become-card to all participants during the period of the year or year and a half.