Foreign Minister: the popular crowd and a national force entered the parliament and the election of the people nor Nstouha we have seen from the positions of States

20:33, January 25, 2016

Baghdad policy opinion said Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said "Iraq is not inspired by his position on the popular crowd through this state, or that, which is an effective national force on the ground made their best to promote peace, security, and love, and peace of mind. A statement by the Office of al-Jaafari received (International opinion) a copy of "al-Jaafari said in a press statement on the sidelines of the first session of the Ministerial Meeting of the Forum-Arab-Indian cooperation in the Bahraini capital Manama," the need to achieve convergence of the Indian-Arab in all fields, adding: there are many participants should be employed in rumor a culture of security, peace and love instead of the culture of terrorism, adding that the prospects are available to enhance Arab-Indian relations, and more openness to what is in the favor of the people. " In response to a question about the popular crowd-Jaafari he said "the popular crowd force and Iraqi national entered the Parliament, elected by the people; and through Parliament entered the government, adding: Folk crowd forces faced terrorism, and engaged to him, and provided blood for the sake of keeping the unity of Iraq, and defeated terrorism . And "we do not Nstouha we have seen, and our position on the popular crowd through this state or that state. The popular crowd and a national force effective on the ground made their best to promote peace, security, and love, and peace of mind. "And on some of the statements that refer to the need for the deployment of foreign forces in Iraq said al-Jaafari" We can not prevent any country from the states, but we have a rule do not allow Bmsha .. and demand that we presented at the end of the ninth month in 2014, the United Nations and the Security Council and put a set of conditions, including: There is no such thing as a ground force on Iraqi soil. The real management of wild confrontation in Iraq at the hands of Iraqi forces alone, and there is no other force. "He added," There is no other country is involved along with Iraqi Army to suppress, and the face of Daash, yes .. there are advisers of America, and Europe, and a lot countries of the world entering Iraq after the approval of their incomes, and they take Visa as a foreigner and newcomer, but there was no plane to fly unless Iraqi order of the Iraqi air force, and pass a license, ending its mission. "The most eloquent" We hope, and we are working to be in 2016 Daash in the defeat in Iraq, and not be pursued with long years of defeat in the other areas, ".anthy