Deputy: customs tariff would hurt the South and revive the region

01/24/2016 23:15

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: considered a member of the Finance Committee House of Representatives Majida al-Tamimi, Sunday, application of customs tariffs on the southern ports and not others would hurt trade and the movement of PTC ports Anashha province of Kurdistan.

Tamimi said in an interview with the local media and I followed, "obelisk", that "the government imposed 15% on goods entering Iraq across the border crossings and ports revive the detriment of another."

She added that "the application of the directive on the southern ports and lack of commitment by the Kurdistan region will lead to a decline in imports ratios through the southern ports and the recovery of the special province of Kurdistan ports because most traders will resort to him Alkmarki imposition of evasion and tax on goods and commodities."

He declined Basra Governorate Council, on Thursday January 21, the application of the customs tariff of the province in the border ports, threatening escalatory steps