Economist: tariff increase support national production

1/25/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Speed ​​up access to financial resources to cover the basic requirements of the State it requires extraordinary efforts and rapid mobility of the relevant authorities to find out the reality of customs duties and to encourage national production and to reconsider rate of import (According to an economist).

Dr.. Abdul-Hussein al-Hakim, an economist said that speed up access to financial resources requires a range of measures in the forefront of increasing customs duties for all imported goods, this procedure will bring new resources to support the State's need to overcome some of the problems, pointing to the importance of open space in front of the national production (industrial, agricultural ) national and services to promote and provide what the market needs, as well as reduce the size of imports.

Prevent illegal trade

He added that these steps require the maintenance of the border and prevent illegal trade, and follow-up monitoring of border crossings precisely in order to prevent financial corruption in the introduction of goods is a fundamentalist and follow up on the health of the application of tariff and monitoring the health of revenues documentation.

He stressed the need roads Association control Kurdistan to prevent leakage of goods entering the border crossing points in the region are non-fundamentalist to the rest of Iraq's provinces, as well as market surveillance Aldkhalih by customs and the confiscation of goods entering Iraq illegally, pointing to the importance of providing the proportion of customs revenue as incentives rewarding employees in the customs sector immunized them from financial corruption through accurate system for the distribution of incentives and punishment of violators and corrupt been fulfilled tariff.

Hakim said in the General Budget Law article authorizing ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and the provinces for services provided by it and raise fees for services that they meet their fees, and the use of the amounts of such fees to strengthen the financial budget or submit to the state treasury as the financial resources of the state are met fees validity (Article 25 of the 2016 budget).

Estimated system

He pointed out the possibility of adopting the applicable tax system in a European country as a system of taxes in Iraq, because the system «Estimated» followed our lead to large financial corruption and the theft of tax money, also pointed to the importance of the introduction of the sales tax system immediately (VAT == value added taxVAT ) on all goods and service tax on all services, including catering services and hotels.

He urged the return of the official stamps system in the submission of applications or the imposition of fees instead of certified instruments, as had been followed in the past and as is the case in many countries (eg Jordan), and conversion services such as water, sewage, electricity, and gas stations to a private joint stock or mixed companies and sell its shares of the sector private, and linking support marketing and end the control of States policy on markets and trade.

Cancellation circles

He said the possibility of the return of the state to the use of human resources annual contracts, renewable as well as employment, and the elimination of departments that do not need it as a circle of the Inspector General and integrity, for example, and return to the Office of Financial Supervision and development system, as well as the sale of agricultural land to exploiters value of the real land and installment sales over 15 amount -20 years, the abolition of the ration card and the promotion of social welfare budget and the inclusion of all families living at and below the line poverty.