Oil Announces export 99 million barrels revenue about 3 billion industry last month: Restart Military Production lines will save $ 865 million annually


Follow-up to the Union:

The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji, on Sunday, restart the war production lines and manufacturing 82 mm mortar rounds and missiles, 107 mm, and stressed that the operation of such lines will provide Iraq with $ 865 million a year, and as warned of "Seviolh" affected by activation of the national industry for " fail ", he hoped to strengthen cooperation with the military leadership. Said Mohammed Darraji during a press conference held at the headquarters of the ministry in central Baghdad, it said that "the General Company for military industries and public bodies Steel Industries was able to restart the war production lines by re-assembling these lines and rehabilitation," noting that "the company started producing mortars 82 mm rockets 107 mm ". Darraji, said that "the war production lines currently operating 80% of its capacity," returned the ratio "is very large and live up to proportions that are out in the global manufacturing countries, especially in Eastern Europe." Confirmed Darraji, that "the munitions industry in the country will provide nearly the $ 865 million a year in the event of peace," pointing out that "the production industry mortar mortar costs $ 100, while do cost $ 150, while the production of the rocket 107 mm costs less than a thousand dollars, and it costs $ 2,500 purchased. " He warned Minister of Industry and Minerals, of "problems that Seviolha affected by activation of Iraqi industry," and urged "the General Command of the Armed Forces to oversee the war production and cooperation with the ministry to use that ammunition and encouraging military industries." Darraji pointed out, that "this project is not a project of the Ministry or a particular minister, but it is a project of Iraq," stressing that "the ministry is continuing its project to revive the Iraqi industry, even if it cost us our lives." He pointed Darraji, that "the infrastructure ready in Iraq, but they need to re-simple rehabilitation," revealing "the completion of plant for the manufacture of chlorine eight thousand tons of production capacity. Darraji stressed that "the plant will cover the need for capital Baghdad and two other provinces," pointing out that "the coming days will witness the opening of the assembly line cars (Valfo) in collaboration with the World Valfo company."
On the other hand, the Oil Ministry announced the final total exports of crude oil and the revenue generated for the month of December / past 2015, issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), which amounted to 99.7 million barrels, with a total revenue of 2 billion and 920 million dollars. A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, said the total volume of oil exports for the month of December / last in 2015, amounted to 99.7 million barrels from the southern ports, while Iraq was unable to export through the northern port of Ceyhan Turkish port because of the Kurdistan Region's commitment to the agreement oil. He added that the sale Jihad barrel average rate of $ 29 and 288 cents.
He noted that the daily production for the month of December / past 2015 rate, was (4.13 million barrels), while the total quantities produced from the oil fields of Central and South for the month of December / 2015 last reached more than 128 million barrels. Jihad said that the exported quantities has been downloaded by 31 international companies of different nationalities from the ports of Basra and Khor al-Amaya and monounsaturated floats on the Gulf.