Presidency of the parliament was discussing with heads of political blocs constitutional amendments and the functioning of parliamentary committees
On: Sun 11/03/2012 15:23

Baghdad (news) .. held the Presidency of the Council of Representatives meeting on Sunday in the hall with the Constitutional Council of the heads of committees and representatives of parliamentary blocs to discuss the constitutional amendments and draft legal Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council and the functioning of the committees.
A statement by the House of Representatives (agency news) a copy of it on Sunday: The President of the Council Osama Najafi said at the outset of the meeting which was attended by Vice President Qusay al-Suhail, Arif Tayfur on the importance of expediting resolution of draft laws and efforts to activate the work of the Council in the regulatory and legislative framework, including contributing to the development and building country calling for the need to exercise its functions of parliamentary committees so as to ensure provision of a wide range of laws for a vote.
He added that the meeting discussed the time the House of Representatives in the coming period where it was agreed to cancel the weekend planned this week and extend the work of the Council until the next Sunday after is allocated holiday until the fourth of April next to make up for holidays for festivals Nowruz and to avoid the special procedures to prepare for the summit Arab end of this month and the accompanying atmosphere of tight security.
The statement continued: The meeting focused during the discussion of the paragraph concerning the constitutional amendments on the importance of forming a new committee for constitutional amendments through the provision of parliamentary blocs candidates on the committee that will take it upon themselves to consider the amendments and what has been done in order to reach results contribute to the attention of the referendum.
And on the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council meeting underlined according to the statement on the need to reach consensus enables the display of two draft laws to the parliament in the coming days, especially in the presence of a consensus between the blocks on the importance of the legal code of the Federal Court and the Judicial Council, which are of importance to the achievement of the foundations of justice and the resolution of issues controversial in the Constitution or the outstanding issues between the center and the provinces and territories.
The statement: The meeting agreed to work hard to activate the role of the committees to submit draft laws and completed the form, which provides state-building and serve the citizens will be after the holiday, the legislative report in the House of Representatives to assess the work of the committees and begin to take action against the committee members absent from the exercise of their duties in parliamentary committees.