Baghdad operations continues to advance south of Falluja, incurring heavy losses Aldoaash

1:15 - 01/24/2016

Provided by the security forces in the center of Fallujah continue operations and caused heavy losses to terrorists. Security forces managed by editing the areas of operations south of Fallujah, killing 24 terrorists. A statement by the Baghdad Operations Command that "the security forces in Baghdad operations and teams associated continues to advance for the Liberation of southern Fallujah areas, and under the direct supervision by the commander of Baghdad operations, where managed our units in the Thar Thar area and the surrounding areas of the killing of 15 terrorists, and address the 20 explosive device, and destruction Wheel Walker and added to the enemy in the vine areas and Nazim division, and killed five terrorists and wounding six others, two wheels and destroy them, boycotted the band within 14 operations, west of Baghdad. " "The strength of the 51 Brigade managed to kill four terrorists, and wounded six others, and the destruction added to them, in joy area, northwest of Baghdad." The statement continued that "the strength of the Brigade 23 was able to adjust and the dismantling of two explosive devices in Ktimih area, adjust the explosive materials C4 in Albuaath area south of Baghdad, at a time when the force has been able to Brigade 24 and in terms of one of the terrorists placed their arrest, from seizing large amounts of materiel and high-explosive material, in the area of ​​reconciliation within boycotted Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad. " He pointed out that "the strength of the brigade 45 and based on intelligence was able to control and dismantle the belt is intended for detonation, a large amount of material the severe C4 explosion in northern Baghdad Tarmiyah area, and the dismantling of an explosive device by the Fifth Brigade federal police in Al-Hussein neighborhood."