Iraqi immigrants prefer to return to their own country

Date:: January 24, 2016

Source: Translation: Mackie Mammeri for «The Washington Post»

dream did not materialize abroad

Migrated hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to different countries, following the US invasion in 2003, in search of security and stability. But the dreams of many of those did not materialize, as immigrants have suffered marginalization and disappointment in Europe, which has received thousands of them during more than a decade. At a time when Iraqis are satisfied abroad, after a perilous journey, others said they made a mistake when they decided to immigration, and they now want to return to their homeland. And it tells Iraqi refugees stories about being humiliated, and were unable to adapt and integrate into the European countries they came up with, because of the low temperatures and the different lifestyle, in addition to not check the dream to live in those countries, despite the insecurity and ways of stability.

Adi Faisal Faisal chose the path of immigration, he packs his luggage and decided to move to Europe in line with expectations and hopes for a beautiful life ahead of him, but he returned to his homeland at last because of what he said was «misery that force Iraqis to return». And Faisal, 25, had left his job Statistics in the Ministry of Education in the Iraqi capital, and decided to go to Turkey to join the more than one million refugees and immigrants Iraqis have been displaced to the European continent through 2015. He says the young Iraqi frustrating, «was my dream since I was a kid to go to Europe, and I imagined a beautiful life safe, and I get a good salary and housing. »

According to the Iraqi authorities and international organizations that the number of Iraqis returning home escalated significantly in recent months, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has helped about 779 Iraqis to return from Europe voluntarily, in November last year, more than double the number from the previous month, do not include these statistics Persons who have returned on their own, such as Faisal.

According to the Iraqi young man, a number of immigrants chose to leave Europe because they are faced with the complexities of the asylum process procedures, and were disappointed in the lack of job opportunities. Faisal adds, that the Iraqis were forced to return when their asylum claims rejected. Immigrant return and see that life in Europe «boring and the food at the reception centers inappropriate and poorly.» He had a bad experience in a refugee center in «Malmo» in Sweden, where he spent two months. It was found that live in Europe «just an idea and there is nothing which dreamed of on the ground». It should be noted that many of the Iraqis are returning to their homes of their own volition. While many people make up stories about being threatened by armed militias in Iraq, while leaving their country for economic reasons.

In the meantime, aid agencies warn that the displaced people who deserve asylum, are discouraged at a time in which Europe has become less welcoming newcomers, through the imposition of restrictions on their movements and the closure of its borders. In this context, Finland and Belgium were among the countries that coming from Baghdad warned that they will not get asylum automatically.

Cost and access Faisal and his brothers to Europe more than $ 8,000, paid by their father, Uday Faisal. In order to return to Iraq, Faisal asked his father to send more money. At that Iraqi young man says, «The problem is that the word such as Europe or America fascinates young people in the Orient», adding that «is still this young man (pointing to his younger brother) aspires to immigration». His brother had been arrested in Turkey and returned to Iraq, when he was trying to cross into Europe. According to the Iraqi authorities that the number of returnees exceeded thousands, confirms a spokesman for the Ministry of displaced people and migrants, Sattar Nowruz, that «there are thousands of Iraqis who have returned, and thousands of people who want to go». And seeking Iraqi embassies in Europe strives to provide emergency travel documents for those wishing to return to their homeland.