Parliamentary Solution: We welcome the decision to change the presidency of the Integrity Commission, which failed to carry out its functions

2016-01-23 20:37:18 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Solution parliamentary bloc announced on Saturday, the head of the House of Representatives passed a resolution to correct the Parliamentary Integrity Committee after failing to perform management functions, while welcomed this decision.

Bloc said in a statement it issued today that "the reform sought by the Iraqi people begin by addressing the detection of corruption files that carved the budget of the Iraqi state," indicating that "This requires that the run of the Integrity Committee by legal and well-known fairness personality".

She added that the bloc "Chairman of the House of Representatives decided the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Management correct", expressing welcome to "the decision".

The bloc praised "the House of Representatives decision to change the presidency of the Integrity Committee in order to improve its work and activate its role in the fight against corruption," pointing out that "the current presidency of the Commission provided misleading for thieves and corrupt, and failed to perform its tasks."

The House Speaker Salim al student, earlier, an official letter to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee to choose a new president to do with maintaining the elections, where al-Jubouri, expressed reservations about the Commission's work management.