Dr. Ayad Allawi's interview on Al-Arabiya Event

2016-01-23 02:01:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Q 1: Dr. Iyad Allawi, the Iraqi internal situation to start taking another direction What is your opinion in the context of what is happening?

Answer: Certainly the start of the situation escalate and negatively, which is expected and I warned of this topic for a long time and be careful of this subject remains, but warned us until coalition countries against Daash, either the United States or Britain or France, the statements resonant became not mean Shi Iraq and became useless, but the actions and national reconciliation has become a needed today more than ever, and that national reconciliation is a prerequisite for the success of addressing Daash and extremism, national reconciliation must go first Two-Line reconciliation with hostile political process, political forces, and the second out of the political and sectarian regional that tore apart and still torn Iraq, and what is happening in the province of Diyala precious in belt and the heart of Baghdad, and clear evidence of what I say, things are going the danger of a clear foreshadowing (catastrophe) great, if Iraq was able to dismantle the problems and the preservation of national unity, national reconciliation is the key without it will not be stable Iraq.

Q 2: Dr. Iyad Allawi sectarian quotas was a certain time and you become Alan you pay the price for this topic, or how do you see things?

The answer is: certainly pay the price of this subject, but we went on a decade paying the price for what happened from the occupation and the dismantling of state institutions, and restructure a sectarian, and I warned when I was prime minister that Iraq can not be built itself by dividing it into sects and denominations today are paying the price in Unfortunately clearly what happened in Iraq had a negative impact on the region, because Iraq has a great importance to the attributes of the site and the possibilities.

Q 3: Dr. Can you stop the bleeding caused by the political blocs and go to the solution or not, can take us to where these developments?

Answer: What happened from demonstrations in different areas of Iraq, which I called I (uprising) expressed clearly about the Iraqi people's problems, and when confronted political sectarianism masses in Iraq in Baghdad and central and southern provinces, through peaceful demonstrations bold and clearly to overcome the political sectarianism, and building a civil state and National Reconciliation, which indicates that the Iraqi people reached the end of the day that which reached political Islam and the politicization of religion that led to the adoption of political sectarianism, for this I think the pulse of the street must take it, and the politicians to admit the truth and the unity of Iraq, whether it is a federal state or centralized state, can not be the only solution for the party or sect or person that is unique by virtue of Iraq, but all Iraqis, Iraq is for all Iraqis.

Q 4: Dr Who got Muqdadiya declared and the results of Abadi Do you contain the situation and whether the fact that you will agree that politicians Abadi has not adapted raises fear or doubt the direction of patriotism and being prime minister?

Answer: We do not question patriotism, we questioned his program and his vision, talk about reconciliation and punish the guilty, remains the words if not accompanied by measures immediate and realistic process, the situation in Iraq is not likely and the region can not tolerate even a divided world, and this is a serious cast a shadow over the situation in Iraq, I said in an interview continuous with the world's representatives in Iraq, has become the world's uncomfortable for Iraq's march and where things will stand, and the victory over the political and military Daash, and the international community is very concerned about what is happening in Iraq, Syria and the region, but the plight of the plight of the Iraqi people and the region, and not the plight of the international coalition, but burned for national reconciliation sectarian quotas examined with Abadi personally, and there was no response from him being we do not have effective institutions.

Q 5: Dr. Abadi when Kelmtm reconciliation and national unity, what he would say to you?

Answer: Abadi had to say yes and will do, and until this day we have not seen any action flowing into the liver of reconciliation, but we saw the opposite consecration of sectarian quotas and to devote to the lack of reconciliation, as if reconciliation among our political elites, to the extent that the political process has become a burden on the people Iraqi, and became unacceptable process did not lead to disrupt and destroy Iraq.

Q6: Dr. Ayad Allawi and why Avqkm Abadi on these projects was carried out that was in the area of ​​reconciliation or dialogue?

The answer: the truth I do not know why, and I'm his speech in a transparent manner and CICI and all the love, and I told him we will be yours depth in Iraq and the region and the world that I walked in the path of reconciliation and institution-building in order to provide services to the Iraqi people decent, but unfortunately did not achieve anything that we have become imagine that that political process, are mixed sick delusions process, where the marginalization and exclusion, sectarianism and the acquisition of foreign and regional countries to those of the political process until I got to the stage can not save Iraq, this speech I said to Ebadi, Baghdad became dominated by fear and panic and the rest of the provinces only The Basra or in Diyala or in Anbar, to the point where the political process has become unacceptable and I think people agree with me that this matter has been expressed by people Bmazepehrth that came out denouncing the political process and calls for civil state.

Q7: Is Dr. Ayad division became reality inevitable in Iraq?

Answer: We will resist the division of our blood, Iraq must be Iraq's federal, democratic, unified, and this is what we have agreed upon and must walk it, but who wants to tamper with the name of political sectarianism Sunni or Shiite, we reject them in all their forms, and God willing, Iraq will be one unified, and those new Renaissance epitomized by the uprising, which was in Iraq from end to end, with the exception of the areas occupied by Daash, has expressed this fact by all peaceful and numbers Magdy Rady, and I think these demonstrations will go back to the street and strongly calls for end to those sick of the political process and calls for early elections the country to put Iraq on the path to security and safety.