Obeidi recognizes the destruction of 85% of gray and announced work on the adoption of compulsory military service

Friday 22-01-2016 | 5:35:49

Twilight News / Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said the destruction of 85% of the city of Ramadi during the restore process of organizing Daash, while stressing Iraq's intention approval of compulsory military service to build a strong army law.

Obeidi said at a news conference seen by Twilight News from Egypt which relative visiting, touching the Iraqi situation and the war on terror, "it has been the destruction of 85% of the city of Ramadi during editing because of the Daash booby-trapped all the streets and houses, pointing out that the Iraqi army fought on behalf of the whole world in battles fought and still fought. "

And he went on "The Battle of Anbar has accurately without significant damage, but the gray was difficult because of the presence of civilians hostage at Daash, and the war against Daash left more than 4 million displaced people out of Iraqi cities."

Abizaid and "Iraq did not ask for any military needs from Russia so far, and cell security deal consisting of (Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria) is a cell exchange of intelligence information only», pointing out that Iraq is currently working on the adoption of compulsory service law in the Iraqi armed forces to build strong and cohesive army.