Q: What about the taxes?

A: 15% - Obama has tried and tried and tried to get into the tax but the Republicans have held his feet.

Q: Sometimes people think about the redominatiion means that the old money becomes bad when the new money comes out.

A: If you have a 1,000 dollar bill, could you still turn it in? Yes. The country who prints the notes honors the notes. The only think they can do is when it RV’s, they could consider Sadam’s face on it and consider it contraband…they want to destroy those but it’s the cycle of the money


If you are a person of faith, it’s me following the instructions of what was put in my spirit and I’ve done it for 10 years, put in $1 million and have finished a platform unlike anything in the world. Not only does it allow you to talk about an issue, but you can focus to a specific issue in your country, Right to Bear Arms, political issues, forced innocluations….but now you can communicate uniquely to your venue.

When you’re able to go nose-to-nose, this is where the power of the people and strength relies. Now, you’re usually one nut job and they’re giving you lip service, even with 10-20 people. You’ll show up with 3,000 or more, depending on the population of where you’re at.

You can communicate by e-mail or by chatroom (anonymous) – just pick your topic, pick your venue, and start chatting away. It’s more powerful than the 2nd Amendment…even if you’re not a spiritual person, we have a way to flip the paradigm. Whether you agree with the paradigm of the government or disagree with it…this is the silent majority – the point is we’re able to forceably lawfully affect your community – no matter what you choose to enable and empower by using this. Everything is free except for one of the websites – your remedy which is $10/month.

We haven’t lost a credit card fight in 4 years…the last …years for foreclosures, we’ve won….traffic, and hundreds of million against the IRS…your remedy is in the law….if you’re anew millionaire, I can tell you from experience is to pay off and the first after settled in is to mount a proper challenge of who’s your service of your loan. These 75 of 76 foreclosures, not one of them have been the real holder and owner of the note and that’s proof and evidence that we have and you’ll be able to challenge that within the

Law. Not one of the servicers who sues you has ever been the rightful owner and in proper challenge has no standing. If you pay them off today, the game starts all over and they will win if they’re holding the note.

Please go to AmerciaRestoringAmerica.com - -I encourage you to join us.

Q: Re: Frank Dodd Act – are they still trying to de-valuing the dollar 60-40%?

A: I don’t see the dollar going down more than a penny or two.

Q: I heard it would go down 60-40% after the RV.

A: I think it will get stronger after the RV. A lot of things will take place. How long it happens, I don’t know.

Q: Who’s the largest holder of dinar in the world?

A: I don’t know…The US says they have 3 ½ trillion, Italy supposedly has more.

They’re creating money out of thin air and they’re not changing anything so could we be back in the same position? Yeah. If you don’t change your spending habits and don’t pay off, you’ll be in the same boat and maybe even worse with more money so you have to figure out what you’re going to be doing. The government has a hard time with that. I could see us being in the same boat 2-3 years ago because we like to spend money.

Q: Doesn’t Iraq have to be announced as a tradable currency or GOI before the summit?

A: They don’t have to but if they can’t pay for it, and Iraqi’s not a country or doesn’t have the money, I don’t see them doing it. We’re still looking for the ministers, the Strategic Council…and when I get emails that it’s RV’d…it can’t be.

Q: What is the significance of the Arab Summit? What are the consequences of having it or failing?

A: They postponed it last year because they were supposed to come out with the money – I will say it was Obama’s feet dragging too. They want to have the summit for the region and go with GGC currency as a unified proof, but they can’t do it until Iraq has a government, so it stalls them. You’ve got guys like Saudi Arabi and others ….