Reference warns of collapse of the economic situation of the country due to the absence of plans

January 22, 2016 4:33

The religious authority said Friday the absence of economic plans in the country threatens the collapse of the economic situation, stressing that successive governments have wasted financial resources without the benefit them economically.

The representative of the religious authority in Karbala province, Mr. Ahmed net during his speech at the Friday prayer sermon that "Everyone knows that our dear country Iraq possesses a strong state economically and financially and what God blessed him of Yes various whether the potential of the minds and the arms of his sons or natural wealth in the ground and the face value , adding "but the successive governments of the country for decades did not work to harness this potential to serve the people and to provide a decent life for him, but most of its financial resources wasted in successive freaks and temporary dictators wars."

He said net "in recent years, despite emitted governments of free elections, but the situation has not changed for the better in a lot of areas, but Ozdadat suffering of the citizens many aspects of the Poor management and broad scale financial and administrative hand-corruption security deteriorating and the situation on the other hand prevented from investment potential of the country and financial resources for the sake of his children and their happiness service. "

He added that "Iraq today has large and the challenges of real problems as well as the biggest challenge in the fight against terrorism Aldaasha security and other challenges arising from embracing some of the terrorists and support them in lethality brethren and their homeland belts explosive devices and car bombs in return assaulted some of the bearers of weapons outside the framework of the state to attack peaceful citizens and infringement of their property and possessions and security challenges in various images of economic and financial challenge that threatens the collapse of the living conditions of the citizens as a result of lower oil prices on the one hand and the absence of appropriate economic plans and lack of anti-corruption serious steps on the other hand. "

He added that "our voices may purely vain of repeats call the parties concerned of the various components to take care of civil peace and peaceful coexistence among the sons of the homeland and bear arms, however, the state and invite officials and political forces that hands the reins to be aware of the size of responsibility and the rejection of the political differences that are not behind only Alvaah personal interests and regional and collect their word on the management of the country to achieve the well-being and happiness and progress of their own people even mentioned all of this is purely our voices. "

He noted that "this noble people who gave and sacrificed and gave his sons sons all they could, blood and money in the defense of dignity and land and holy places and the line epics tournament exuberant with courage and bravery in the face of terrorists and the people deserve to Almtsidin on the management of the country is that Iqmon it deserves them that laugh at all their potential for the development of the country's institutions and cleared of corruption and corrupt as well as administrative reform laws and create a new financial outlets and develop appropriate to get out of the economic crisis economic plans. "