A security expert: Increased foreign consultants pave the way for liberalization of Mosul

Khandan - counting security expert and confident Hashemi US intention to increase the number of trainers and advisers in Iraq, a preliminary step for the Liberation of Mosul. Hashemi said, "The government did not accept the presence of US ground troops in spite of the pressures brought to bear on the Iraqi side and merely the existence of trainers and advisers foreigners." He also added In an interview with the newspaper (time) that "the US government is trying to increase the number of advisers and trainers in preparation for the process of liberalization of Mosul, the US began boots through her ​​training and equipping more than 17 000 Iraqi soldiers as well as to send 200 US troops from special operations to carry out the quality of the Syrian-Iraqi border and cut regulation Daash supplies. "The expert explained the security that" the liberation of Mosul, the process will be more difficult to edit Anbar and Salahuddin because they need a political consensus and negotiate before initiating the process because of the many conflicting parties that awarded participation and support of military units where coalition forces involved the training of Peshmerga in northern areas and trained Turkey The crowd, which led the National Liberation of Iraq forces battling factions in the popular crowd with those parties as well as the existence of the organization Daash in the area and civilians not to leave the province and all those things make it difficult for the United States what process makes it imperative to increase the number of able-bodied liberation fighters ".