Jubouri: the Islamic nation is capable of dismantling elements of crisis

1/21/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
The head of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, the ability of the Islamic nation to dismantle all the elements of the crisis, which represent the focus of concern and the focus of world attention, stressing the need to develop a comprehensive strategy to confront the Islamic fundamental challenges that come in the forefront of «the challenges of terrorism».

Word of al-Jubouri, came during a speech opening of the conference meetings of the Executive Committee of the Parliamentary Union of the Member States of the OIC at its eleventh session, which kicked off in Baghdad on Wednesday and continues until the twenty-fifth of this month, under the slogan «together to fight terrorism and extremism».

And was accompanied by calls for al-Jubouri in «the elimination of terrorism» broad international support, expressed by the Secretary General of the Parliamentary Union of member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Mahmoud Erol Kulaij, who stressed the need not to «let our history and our culture plaything terrorism and extremism» adding that «the Parliaments Conference Islamist in Baghdad comes at a period experienced by the Muslim nation most difficult challenges and the need to further cooperation. »

Dismantling elements of crisis

He said al-Jubouri, during his speech at the opening of the conference yesterday, that «live Nations is the transformation of challenges regardless of the magnitude of the emissions toward renewal and development, and provide them with invincibility stronger and more powerful role in shaping the new world.

Jubouri said: As the nation Islamic live Nations, its mission tolerant cross-the times and places, the natural and the enormous human creativity and the creative and wealth, as well as its role acclaimed in the formulation of human history in the best manifestations, as well as the leadership of the project civilized civil, they are eligible to play an important role in dismantling Crisis elements that represent the focus of world concern and the focus of his attention.

He said President al-Jubouri, that «such a role can not be diagnosed on the ground that the combined Muslim countries did not play and the will of one packs one develop a comprehensive Islamic strategy to face several major challenges come in the forefront of the security challenges the grave of terrorism», pointing out that terrorism «taken from orthodox Islam a false cover for his destructive of human civilization and communities Almttamnh eager for good, love and peace» noting that after «take geographical Islamic terrorism place and Islam slogan false, the face historical inevitability Islamic countries, through the elimination of gangs wherever they are, and the prohibition of his ideas, and solving security problems in some Muslim countries exploited by Islamist terrorism horizon and seeing keen to save any member of the Islamic body, which hurts even to ensure a fever. »

Face serious challenges

He stressed Jubouri, on the need to confront the serious challenges resulting from the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in our region specifically, noting that the legitimate responsibility calls us to claim to evacuate the burning of these weapons completely evacuate the area and not selective, and to develop a unified program to save our present and future disasters genocide may result from the use of these weapons anywhere in the world.

He called on the President of the House of Representatives, to the need to emphasize the legitimate right of the Islamic countries to possess rings peaceful use of nuclear programs, calling for «contribute to the development of the countries with economic potential and treatment programs imbalances economies and provide a decent life and to make the maximum possible effort and money to save the refugees from the ordeals harsh treatment and poverty in all Tmthelath and wherever he is. »

He stressed al-Jubouri, the importance of a collective legal controls to protect communities and non-Muslim components that have joined us through thick and thin and had its Iyad eggs in our history.

Human Rights Files

And between the head of the House of Representatives, the importance to address the Executive Committee, which counted episode the most important in the Inter-Parliamentary Union of Islamic, files of human rights in our countries the serious environmental situation in our homeland and in the whole world and setbacks, while stressing the need to address the social, economic and political dilemmas list, which will be established later , pointing out that those positions will provide Union articulated's ability to be the life of the most important new industry engines in our Islamic nation.

He Jubouri, that what is going through some of the peoples of the Islamic serious and painful and delicate situation requires us to motivate all our energies to redress and treatment, what is happening in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, the fighting and a conflict with terrorism, which dress the state wears or with the state that dress she wore terrorism, longer disastrous approach, saying that «the loser of that approach is the peoples.»

Jubouri urged to redouble effort internationalist out of this crisis, and work to find a comprehensive historical settlement of the issues of the region in accordance with the methodology exchange solutions do not intersection and integration not Tmanaha, stressing that all this requires courage and decisive Islamic summit puts everyone where Bhspanhm pay for expensive concessions to reach a solution effective.

Conference goals

For his part, praised the Secretary General of the Parliamentary Union of member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Mahmoud Erol Kulaij, the role of al-Jubouri in hosting the work of the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parliamentary Union of member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

He Kulaij in his speech during the opening of the conference, that the work of the executive committee meeting will be followed by specialized committees and then branching General Committee meeting and attending to all union meeting to be held on 24-25 of this month in the presence of Their Excellencies Heads of councils Conference.

He pointed Secretary General of the Union of Councils Islamic, that the objectives of the Union to provide a framework for cooperation and coordination among the boards members and to promote meetings and dialogue with each other and exchanging parliamentary experiences and discuss economic, cultural, social and political issues of concern to our member countries and to address the serious challenges they face, and the reduction of the imposition of hegemony by and make appropriate recommendations and decisions on such issues.

He noted Kulaij, until the march of the Union since its inception in 1999 may masters the spirit of brotherhood, love and cooperation, and succeeded in parliamentary diplomacy upgrade and Joint Islamic Action, and will continue this trend noble »adding that the conference will be held under strict conditions which face our nation in the most postpone many challenges call our cooperation to meet them, pointing out that to take place in the historic city of Baghdad - Dar es Salam makes us closer to the history of the glorious Islamic nation which has defied all odds and girl civilization dominated the world, in culture, art, architecture, and meeting and coexistence among different peoples and tribes were formed, including the Islamic empire.

He stressed Secretary General of the Parliamentary Union of member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the importance of working on «not make the fate of our civilization and our culture and heritage of our good Muslim convert. Manipulated by outside extremist groups for the religion and religion» and called for unity in the fight against extremism and intolerance.