Read the virtual reality of the Arab Summit

On: Sun 11/03/2012 10:27

 Baghdad / Majid flood
amid the reality of Iraqi refracted, and leaning next to a large in reality to the policy of the trenches, and the miscarriage of political, taking place in Baghdad, the final preparations to host the Arab summit, and probably is the extraordinary summit is not at the level of significance, but also is exceptional, because it is located between the jaws of the inside Iraqi Almichzi,

And the Arab / Arabic, represented by the position of Gulf and clear-cut led by Saudi Arabia, and the countries that move in its orbit, the host country (Iraq), soaked from Hamtha to the soles of her feet in the problems and a growing, less is said to be structural, and stark, sharp, Belhaz that the blocks political non-conformity to the present day, the success of the summit, The rule of law is moving in the knees trying all means to give the impression of the importance of the summit, and that Iraq can come out of Herngueth stifling surrounded himself, and informed him of other States, thus making its isolation double, while waved the Iraqi List, it will showcase its problems with the state law on the Arab leaders, and it's an opportunity to solve these problems related to the electoral entitlement!! And it came out that one Iraqi MPs said "we will turn to the top of the summit house," and was the mouthpiece of the Iraqi List, Maysoon al reported that the Iraqi List will provide a note on the situation in Iraq to the Arab Summit Conference. The Damluji in a press statement earlier that the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, the mass left no note on the situation in Iraq to be presented at the Summit when what has been held.
were other political blocs have criticized the intention of Iraq's present problems of Iraq to the Arab leaders, considering the problems internal, and resolved to be internally without external interference. The vice of the rule of law has said (range) earlier, that the Allawi to say good or remain silent, and this demonstrates clearly the size of intersections of the Interior, which predict that such a situation can not be eligible to host the Arab summit, on the other hand seems the Arab position, specifically the Gulf provocative, and pragmatic approach to the max, it has dropped the Syrian crisis cast a shadow over the presence of leaders, kings and princes of the Arabs, it moves with double, the first pressure on the political parties, to provide a climate of relative homogeneity, and the statements of the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council are clear in this matter, and it was brief message, that the Iraqis should finish of the solution to their problems, so they are qualified to host the Summit, on the one side, while the other side, it is the pressure on Baghdad, to change its position on the Damascus regime, and the observer notes that the presence of some Arab leaders has become conditional, for two positions, and perhaps the scenes with more than that, and at these scenes dissonant, what could be out by the Arab summit? What are the results that earned on Iraq? If the washing Iraq - which is published in advance - it will be accomplished is the summit, what Cbrh of accomplishment!! And whether Iraq will pay a price for his position of certain countries, this will eliminate the small space of sovereignty enjoyed by? If the Arab leaders as the most common and will stay in Baghdad just three hours, what will be discussed by leaders in these three hours?! Is the top of body corporate, it seems it is so, it is unlikely that out of the summit resolutions are important, maybe the crisis will the Syrian capital, and strongly, but will be present about it sectarian position which governs most of the orientations of the Arab countries at the present time, in addition to the more variables the core that took place in what so-called Arab spring positions produced convulsive sectarian religious dimensions dropped more than their positions and dimensions of the political and ideological. In addition, the security situation, is also a concern can be controlled by the presence of Arab leaders, and in this context, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's security forces yesterday to work on "Bridging the security holes" in front of "saboteurs and terrorists" such as the Arab Summit and explained a statement from Maliki's office , that the prime minister the leader of the armed forces presided over the meeting today of a cell crisis, the presence of senior security officials, including a number of senior army officers and leaders of the security, the statement pointed out that the meeting discussed "developments in the security situation and preparations for the security services relating to the convening of the Arab summit expected and securing official delegations." According to the statement, Maliki called "the security agencies to tighten their procedures and to do their duty with utmost discipline and work to fill the security holes in front of saboteurs and terrorists."