Abadi calls for US troops to protect the border with Saudi Arabia, Syria!

Dated: 01/20/2016 Wednesday 9:04

Demanded Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday, the United States supplied Iraq forces to save the common border between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and between Iraq and Syria, noting that most of the intruders terrorists into Iraq enter through these gates.

Ebadi said a press statement we got a copy of it: Iraq needs to forces US intervention to grab the border and prevent the sequence of terrorist elements to him, noting that put Daash began to fall apart and began driving Daash requests more human support.

He expressed the Commission on Security and Defense Council of Representatives member Iskandar and berries, rejected the arrival of the 101st US to Iraq, considering it an attempt to occupation of New and move the project to divide the country.

He and berries, that "the arrival of the US 101st to Ein al-Assad base in Anbar is unacceptable and aims to re US presence in Iraq again after their withdrawal in 2011, as well as an attempt to activate the division of Iraq into three" .audhav that plans "Massoud Barzani, president of the region of the outgoing has acquired a wide territory from northern Iraq and some provinces dominated by Daash, and is now trying to Americans through their forces draw new boundaries of the Sunni province."

He continued that "the government has said in more than one occasion refusal to bring in foreign troops to Iraq, how was it, it was with their consent, this slough of what it promised and that they do not know For Iraq peace ".ooaln commander of the seventh division of the Iraqi army Maj. Gen. Naumann Zubai, on Tuesday, that the next few hours will witness the arrival of US special band 101 to Anbar to adjust the border Iraqi-Syrian and prevent the flow of elements "Daash".