Abadi adviser propose legislation of a special law to taxes and not included the budget

01.20.2016 at 10:04 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister suggested that the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Wednesday, legislation of a special law to taxes and not included the budget law, noting that the budget law replaces every year.

Saleh said L / scales News /, said that "obtaining the car tax and cigarettes and cards recharge and alcoholic beverages last year was within the budget of 2015 the law", adding that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered to stop the car tax temporarily because of problems in Asthsalha, but it has not canceled Permanently".

He added that "It was an ongoing tax in the budget law," pointing to "the need for special legislation to tax law because the legislation will become law within the budget and temporary for a period of one year."

He pointed out, that "the media broadcast rumors that the state is unable to fulfilling its financial obligations to the citizens," calling on all media to "be accurate in the transfer of information and the need for approval by official sources."

A government source revealed on Tuesday, about to start applying the taxes and customs tariffs on cars, alcohol and cigarettes, stressing that car prices will rise by 20% .anthy 29 n / 10