Industrial Bank Atatzm reduce loan interest rates to 8%

BAGHDAD / Karim Jassim al-Tai / .. revealed Industrial Bank Director Kazem fistula for the determination of the bank to cut interest rates to 8% .fima noted near the opening of new branches of the bank in a number of provinces.
A fistula in a statement singled out by the agency / JD / economic that the bank has a plan to open new branches during the current year 2016 in the provinces of Kirkuk and Samawa, Diwaniyah, Wasit, Baghdad and Basra, as well as to open a branch in the province of Arbil to serve customers who have projects outside the region. He stopped Mosul branch as a result of the terrorist operations carried out by criminal gangs Daash. He added that the bank gives fistula three types of industrial loans for the construction of a project and the purchase of machinery and production lines and the purchase of raw materials. And the interest of these loans ratio indicated fistula that the bank takes interest during the year accounted for 9% after it was more than 10% in the last year, and we seek to be reduced later to 8% in the light of the potential and Living situation the market, while the interest rate for industrial initiative proportion are identified at 4%, 2% of them to the Central Bank of Iraq and 2% of the bank lender.