Balvedao..tadmar Bank Daash use of currency trading in Mosul

Destroyed the international coalition aircraft, used by banks Daash terrorist gangs for handling and storing currency in the city of Mosul.
According to a statement of the Ministry of Defense, the agency all of Iraq [received where], a copy of "international coalition forces carried out a number of air strikes against Daash terrorist gangs in the city of Mosul, which resulted in one of them for the destruction of one of the banks that were taken by these gangs of currency trading and storage it has affected this strike heavily on these terrorist gangs being influenced them economically.
"He added," The second strike destroyed a number of dens that were used by these terrorist gangs and resulted in the complete destruction of these dens and killed them in addition to the killing of a large number of Daash leaders who were present inside these terrorist dens.
"The statement pointed out that" the third air strike resulted in the destruction of a number of gun stores that were stored in these bands their weapons and killed them from the terrorists, "