Abadi Office: The government is determined not to allow the return of treason and delivery bag provinces


Union: The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, that "the government is determined not to allow for the return of the era of treason and surrender to the terrorists of the provinces Daash, as they did before, and fled to the capitals." According to a statement of the Office, "after every victory achieved by our heroine against terrorist Daash gangs, these gangs and its lackeys resort to try Ilvat of victories in various ways, has spread on social networks in recent videos, after the verification of some of them turned out to be either fabricated or old events dating back to years of sectarian strife abhorrent. " "The aim of the broadcast again confirms what is not possible doubt the fact that agitators and targets who are planning to drive a wedge between our people, especially after the terrorist Daash gang received fatal blows at the hands of our heroine, which continues to purge cities operations thanks to the cohesion of our people and cooperation wonderfully with our armed forces ". "In the time that we call on the sons of our people for more vigilance from these malicious schemes, we confirm that the government is determined and firmly and strength not to allow the return of the era of treason, conspiracy and delivery of provinces to terrorism Daash as they did before, and fled to the capitals, and left our children under the Gore Aldoaash or in camps for displaced people, "stressing that" all these schemes are doomed to fail in front of the unity of our people. "

Tunisian Ambassador congratulates Iraqis editing Anbar

Union / Hussein Fawzi: Here Tunisian Ambassador Samir collective people and Government of Iraq and the armed forces of obscurantism edit Anbar fist to Daash criminal terrorist. He said in a press statement, summarized by "I received with great pleasure the news of the return of Anbar to the Iraqi National cuddling after rid of terrorism." "And as far as the most valuable of this victory over the obscurantists, and I congratulate the brotherly Iraq retrieve one of the most important Iraqi cities, I am pleased to convey to the Iraqi people warmest congratulations this clear victory and the most beautiful aspirations that complete victory for Iraq liberation of the rest of the territory from terrorists.". He concluded his statement, "praying to Allah Almighty to enjoy the deep-rooted brotherly Iraqi people, security, stability and the consolidation of national unity and in an atmosphere of complete harmony among all its components, even beyond all adversity and restores the effectiveness of great stature in the Arab world and humanity."