Minister of Planning: difficult phase should leave the traditional spammers

Dated: January 19, 2016

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq announced Services Committee in the Iraqi Council of Ministers on Tuesday for the ratification of a number of service projects in Albulad.oukal Minister of Planning Services Committee Chairman in the Council of Ministers Salman Jumaili in a statement today: that the current circumstance that Iraq is going through invites us all To search deeply for any solutions that will help mitigate the impact of the economic crisis that we face, and this research should rise to the level of creativity in Ahalol.oadav Jumaili at chairing the weekly meeting of the Commission services in the Council of Ministers, which was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Planning with the participation of a number of ministers and advisers and agents ministries and general managers, the difficult stage requiring leave the traditional spammers to work and deal with various issues, particularly those related to the provision of services and the completion of infrastructure projects in accordance with the difficult and complex circumstances that we face style Mbacr.ocd that the formation of cell crisis, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and the Committee of ministerial services came from in order to find solutions and treatments appropriate task for the files away from the traditional to which we Alleha.ozkr statement that the Ministerial Committee for Services discussed during the meeting a number of important issues related to the provision of services to citizens and contribute to the national economy, including discussion of the rehabilitation of the central streets in Basra province, which contains all network sons of infrastructure services, as well as during the meeting was to discuss the development of two projects pavements and squares in the port of Faw to calculate the Ministry of Transport.