Saturday 10 March 2012
Deputy: Arab summit will be a new breakthrough in the history of Iraq

BAGHDAD / babysit - A member of the National Alliance MP Bahaa Aldin hold that the Arab summit conference in Baghdad, an important event which is very ambitious of all the political blocs and the citizens, noting that this Summit will mark a new departure in the history of Iraq. "Jamal al-Din told the news public opinion (and babysit) on Saturday: "What is required of today's political unification of the blocks of political discourse and its emphasis on the conference on time."
He said: "This summit is a new departure in the history of Iraq and the Arab countries."
He pointed MP Jamal al-Din said, "not to hold a national meeting is an internal issue and not related to the convening of the summit that was held either before or after the summit."

The President Jalal Talabani said that the capital Baghdad, completed all necessary preparations to receive the Arab leaders participating in the Arab summit, the end of March current, as pointed out that the leaders of political blocs seek to strengthen the Democratic Action and the consolidation of national unity. "